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About Lender Boot Camp


In 1992 the mortgage industry began experiencing another periodic upswing. There was a surplus of business. Rates were low. But many originators had left the business permanently during the slowdown following the real estate market crash of 1989. There was a need to train new originators to handle the excess production caused by falling rates and a recovering real estate market.


We saw this same need develop in 2001 - except this time, regulators stepped in and required training for new originators.  In some cases they required a full 24 hours of training!?  Our curriculums revolve around the concept that adult learning takes a LONG time and that it is a process.  We provide the mechanism for ongoing learning and support for companies and students alike. 


Since 1996 we have provided practical, product knowledge based training for our consumer lending clients including banks, savings banks, consumer finance companies, credit unions and mortgage lenders and brokers.  Our texts, classes, and internal program development products are now available to the public.


We began compiling course materials and were startled to find how little of quality was available. So we set about doing it ourselves. After nine years we have produced what we feel are the most comprehensive position specific training materials available - and we are continuing to improve them.


Prepared and taught by loan originators for loan originators, the products and courses come as close as is possible to showing how we in the mortgage business do our jobs. Practical training based on Practical Experience.




Lender Boot Camp


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