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After Dodd/Frank – Pump up the Volume!
Increasing Production is the only way to Grow Income – How do you get producing loan originators growing their volume?

In the aftermath of Dodd/Frank and flat compensation plans, originators can no longer look to revenue maximization to increase income. But most loan originators can’t break through the 6 to 8 loans a month barrier. With unemployment still a major issue, there couldn’t be a better time to hire new individuals into a mentorship program. The problem is how to train those brand new entrants?

NMLS approved training is NOT the Answer

A 20 hour compliance course is not going to teach a new entrant the skills needed to assist a seasoned loan originator. Plus, assistants don’t need a licensing course; they aren’t originators. They need job skills – which they can get through our assistant program.

Today’s Assistant is Tomorrow’s Loan Originator or Processor

Once the assistant has been on the job for 6 months to 1 year, he or she has already experienced the mortgage industry and knows the business through hands on interface. The assistant may be happy in the role of an assistant, or may be ready to move up to the originator or processing position.

The Assistant Program

Mortgage lenders want to hire experience loan officers. Traditionally, branch managers have been charged with this task – recruiting. Hiring seasoned loan officers in not without risk – good loan officers only leave their existing jobs when the company is falling apart. More frequently they are asked to leave due to unacceptable performance. The long recruiting process can be culminated by the hire of a seasoned, but non-desirable, loan officer who cannot produce or conducts business unethically.

The solution - build your business by recruiting quality individuals and training them the way you want them to do the business.

Package Includes:

bulletOnline Assistant Boot Camp
bulletLoan Officer Assistant Practical Guide
bulletLoan Officer Assistant Marketing Guide





The Loan Officer Assistant Program Brochure




The Loan Officer Assistant Program

Price: $229.00





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