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The Loan Officer Sales Process

A Leadership Workshop in Personal Change and Developing Solid Producers




The workshop system focuses on physically assembling an individualized marketing system, test driving it through individual role-playing and working with a coach to enforce accountability.  There is no former-loan-officer-as-pundit giving advice from a stage.  All instructors are active in the mortgage industry.  No theory, just process.


Customized to YOUR Firm's Process, Products and Ideology


For companies to have their own sales training program, they need to have a formalized process.  We can take our template material and customize it to your firm's process.  We can design self-paced modules and on-line accountability measurement systems to allow managers to track individual originators progress.


Course Methodology


The individual loan originator learns the specific needs of his or her marketplace.  Instead of learning to sell loans, template systems are used to provide solutions for referral business partners.  The originator customizes his or her plan based on what he or she has been successful doing in the past.  He or she develops a plan to augment actual performance as a catalyst for new business patterns.  Change happens slowly. 



bulletTeaching Selling Systems to Real Estate Related Referral Sources
bulletExecuting Niche Solutions
bulletFirst Time Buyer System
bulletInvestor Selling System
bulletAffluent Borrower System
bulletEthnic Niche System
bulletCredit Repair System
bulletIn-house Lender System
bulletRetail Correspondent System
bulletAlternative Sources of Business
bulletFinancial Advisor/CPA System
bulletAttorney System
bulletProperty Manager System

The workshop focuses on assembling a portfolio of solutions which specifically match the needs of the target marketplace and a plan to introduce, follow up, and cull out all but the most promising prospects.  Most top producers only have 6 - 12 top referral sources.  These systems develop stress-free business models.

bulletPrepare an introductory package that accurately reflects needs of target market
bulletCustomize Marketing Systems that allow the loan officer to effectively manage sales efforts
bulletImplement Automated Systems to insure that efforts are yielding results
bulletCreate Time Management Systems to maximize the amount of time spent selling



Over the course of 3 months, approximately 1 hour each weekday will be devoted to a particular strategy and marketing task.  The system records marketing events that and results to record progress.  At the end of the 3 month period, the sales person will have a defined marketing plan, contacts, follow up strategy and template for success.  


Materials Provided



Text - Workbook - "Developing a Loan Officer Marketing Plan"


Tools, Worksheets and Exhibits (electronic)


Quizzes/Tests/Final Assignment/Marketing Report


Completion Certificate


Template for LO Website - see here for live example - Loan Officer specializing in Bethesda Mortgages


Since 1992 - The ORIGINAL Loan Officer Boot Camp


We have been teaching the Loan Officer Boot Camp since 1992 - long before most other instructors and companies were even in the mortgage business.  The Boot Camp concept is not for everyone.  It requires commitment on the part of the student to be an active learner, and to be interested in being a highly professional, ethical, career-minded lender. 


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