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For new and intermediate processing staff, this course helps to understanding the functions of the processor, loan file set up, documentation review, loan file submission preparation, satisfying underwriting results, status communication, and loan closing preparation. Considering a career as a processor?  Read the Free White Paper - A Processing Career and Register for Free Training and receive an introduction to the career prospects. 



Since 1992 - The ORIGINAL Processing Boot Camp


We have been teaching the Loan Officer Boot Camp since 1992 - long before most other instructors and companies were even in the mortgage business.  The Boot Camp concept is not for everyone.  It requires commitment on the part of the student to be an active learner, and to be interested in being a highly professional, ethical, career-minded lender. 


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Take the individual modules below. 


Loan Processing Skills
Name Description # of Lessons Price
250.00 Introduction to Loan Processing This course provides an overview of the processors position and gives the detailed duties and tasks that define the processor's role.  1 $29.00
251.00 Processing Bootcamp - Mortgage Industry Overview This course introduces students to all of the elements he or she will encounter in conducting daily duties - mortgage industry players, products, and regulations.   1 $29.00
252.00 Processing Bootcamp - File Setup This course teaches the processor how to Set Up or "open" a new loan file.  All of the steps required to begin the processing of a loan file are reviewed.  1 $29.00
252.10 Processing Boot Camp - Loan File Set Up - Federal and State Disclosures Initial regulatory compliance usually is the responsibility of the file opener/set up processor.  This section details the compliance requirements of the mortgage loan file.  1 $29.00
253.10 Processing Boot Camp - Documentation Review - Debts, Ratios and Credit Reviewing the credit documentation and evaluating the borrower's monthly debts are the first step in preparing the loan file for submission and underwriter approval. 1 $29.00
253.20 Processing Boot Camp - Income Treatment and Documentation This course reviews the documentation and treatments relating to the borrower's income.  Determing qualifying income, assuring documentation consistency, and avoiding income fraud are all covered.  1 $29.00
253.30 Processing Boot Camp - Asset Documentation, Sources and Sufficiency This course reviews the various sources of assets required to document funds required to close.  The documentation required, as well as the review of whether the borrower has sufficient assets for downpayment and closing costs, are reviewed in detail.  1 $29.00
253.40 Processor Boot Camp - Reviewing Property Documentation This course is designed to take the student through a review of the loan file documentation that applies to the property.  Sales Contracts, Condominiums and PUDs, Investment Property, New Construction, and Appraisals.  1 $29.00
254.00 Processing Boot Camp - Underwriting Submission Preparing the file for underwriting is a last critical step.  Course includes checklist system for insuring all documentation is in file prior to loan submission.  1 $29.00


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