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Product Knowledge Boot Camp

New Loan Officer Skills Training




To intensively teach initiates the fundamental career skills, product knowledge, process and sales practices, concepts and information they need to form a foundation for becoming successful quickly.  Thinking about a career as a residential loan officer?  Please read the Free White Paper - A Career as a Residential Loan Officer.


Course Methodology

In-Class, On Line - Computer Guided, or Self-Paced (Correspondence)


Using the same curriculum as the live class, and our advanced technology, users progress through a guided instruction using physical files and exhibits for a "hands-on" feel.  The course book is included electronically on-line, with the course, for guidance and as a printable reference .  Case studies, tests, quizzes and a final evaluation provide the understanding that only comes through doing.  Take the class online and use the same materials as the live class.  You can ask questions, clarify material or review other information with an instructor, even ask questions about a case in progress using our "Ask the Instructor" feature. 


Timing - Online


The course is currently under construction, with courses being updated and added every day.  There is an instructor available to answer questions via chat.  Currently there are approximately 32 Lessons, for a total of 30 hours of continuous teaching.  With reading and exercises, the course will take several weeks to complete, but you may proceed at your leisure.  You have access to the course for 60 days, extendable for 30 days at a time, provided you continue to log-in. 



Materials Provided


Text - Loan Officer's Practical Guide to Residential Finance (electronic)


Tools, Worksheets and Exhibits (electronic)


Quizzes/Tests/Final Assignment


Completion Certificate

Since 1992 - The ORIGINAL Loan Officer Boot Camp


We have been teaching the Loan Officer Boot Camp since 1992 - long before most other instructors and companies were even in the mortgage business.  The Boot Camp concept is not for everyone.  It requires commitment on the part of the student to be an active learner, and to be interested in being a highly professional, ethical, career-minded lender. 

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