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Understanding Mortgage Numbers - Rates and Points $29.00
Mortgage Math - Financial Calculators, Qualification Calculations and Ratios $29.00
Mortgage Math - Qualifying Process and Calculations $29.00
Loan Types - Lesson Overview - Loan Types $29.00
Loan Types - Fixed Rates $29.00
Understanding Loan Types - ARMs $29.00
Introduction to Loan Processing $29.00

File Setup $29.00
Loan File Set Up - Federal and State Disclosures $29.00
Documentation Review - Debts, Ratios and Credit $29.00
Income Treatment and Documentation $29.00
Asset Documentation, Sources and Sufficiency $29.00
Processor Boot Camp - Reviewing Property Documentation $29.00
Processing Boot Camp - Underwriting Submission

Federal Laws - Compliance
Truth-in-Lending - Introduction and Overview $Free
TIL - The APR Disclosure $Free
1Understanding Federal Credit Laws $Free
Federal Law Update - 2009 $Free
Understanding Identity Theft $29.00

State Laws
Maryland State Law $29.00
Virginia Mortgage Laws $29.00


Coming Soon


Analyzing and Marketing to the Self-Employed Borrower

Analyzing and Selling to First Time Homebuyer and Emerging Markets

Analyzing Income and Personal Tax Returns

Automated Underwriting: Desktop Originator

Automated Underwriting: Loan Prospector

Commercial Lending

Compliance for Loan Servicers

Construction Lending

Credit Scoring and Credit Repair

Dealing with Emerging Market Populations

Diversity Training Fair Housing and Discrimination

Fraud Prevention Quality Control for Mortgage Personnel

Leadership Training Conflict Resolution

Managing a Branch Office

Mortgage Industry Overview for Loan Servicers




We have developed custom training programs for hundreds of companies.  We provide customized on-site development or deployment, training program templates for companies to use in developing their own training programs, and many certification and industry standard programs that can be used to meet continuing education/training requirements for all staff.  


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